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National Flipper Race, Running with Fins!

Competitors donned their bathing suits and flopped around in their flippers during the National Flipper Race held at Dam Square in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on May 9, 2012. This “competition” has a meaning,… Continue reading

The “Super Brain” Phone Cabin

This Super Brain cabin by artist Carla Pires de Carvalho Fernandes is a part of a series of artistic interventions in public telephone booths in the city of São Paulo, similar to the interventions of… Continue reading

The 6th International Fonambules Body Paint Festival in Mexico City

The clock was ticking for the paint to dry at the 2012 International Fonambules Body Paint Festival in Mexico City on May 25. The motif of this year’s festival was time. (Eduardo Verdugo/Asociated… Continue reading

Nike Foot Stickers

It’s no secret that Nike has been trying to get its wearer’s as close to barefoot as possible. With all of the weight reducing and flexibility enhancing materials that they are developing its… Continue reading

Batman and Robin to the rescue 3D Street Art by Julian Beever.

  Batman and Robin to the rescue 3D Street Art by Julian Beever. Via Jay Mug

Pinterest: The Social Media Darling Of 2012 Infographic

As most of you are probably aware now Pinterest is the new kid on the block of the social media scene, although the site has been around for almost 2 years now it… Continue reading

Feet First Photography Series by Tom Robinson

London photographer Tom Robinson got the idea for his ‘Feet First’ series in 2005 while sitting on Brighton beach (England) with his new girlfriend Verity. Tom thought the view of their feet pointing… Continue reading

Powerbreather – Advance Snorkel for Swimmers

  The Powerbreather is an advance snorkel for swimmers with two check valves allowing fresh air to be breathed in and used air to be fully exhaled. Read more at source

Wordless Web, a browser plug-in hat takes text out of any website

  The endless stream of information available on the web can easily get clogged with an overload of messaging. To simplify your daily surfing sessions, former Google Creative Lab Creative Director Ji Lee—with… Continue reading

Scooter Backpack By Gustavo Brenck

‘Gig Pack’, the work of brazil-based designer Gustavo Brenck, is a convertible scooter backpack for everyday use. The aluminum device is attached to a nylon backpack, complete with notebook compartment. when not in… Continue reading